Cumingaming #48

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Playing, making and sharing hentai games for your pleasure ;)
I do let's play videos on the best adult sex game I find on the web so if you have cool suggetsion please let me know, I'm always happy to play your favourites video game ! (especially if you have some rare sexpositive games ^^)
I don't do nude or for now nobody had enough money to pay to make me share nudes ^^' But I love to adapt my work to make you wet and hard ;) So tell me what makes you horny :p
I don't have kik, snap, telegram, whatsapp but I will gladly chill and chat with you here or on discord ^^ So don't be shy ;)
I'm a bit a nerd for kinky gaming but I love meditation, tantra and other sucject we can talk about.
I would love to create some ASMR content aswell so if you haves ideas feel free to share ;)
I do some rough content but mainly only on RED (BDSM, bondage, cum overflow, extreme insertion and other hardcore kinks) and some compilation of the best sex scenes for my devoted followers so thanks a lot if you suscribe !